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How do I measure my artwork for framing ?

The exact outside dimension of the image need to be measured. Then these measurements need to be rounded up to the nearest 1/8th inch. For example, an image size of 12.5*19.5 inches will require 12.3*19.3 inch frame. If you are planning to frame a canvas, measure from outside wrapped corner to outside wrapped corner.


When will my art or frame arrive ?

Estimate your consignment arrival by adding the processing and transit time. The prints and posters are shipped in 48 hours and custom framing products are dispatched within a week time.


What are the payment options ?

We accept all major credit cards, debit cards and net banking.


I want to gift the painting to someone. Will you Gift Wrap it, and also put a message card on it ?

We offer free Gift wrapping service on both framed and unframed art. Please give an email to with order ID.


What is the time-frame for despatch of the products ?

Despatch of prints, paintings and framed pictures will be affected on the same day as these are available ex-stock. All customised framing products would be despatched on the second day after receiving the order.


How can I track my order ?

An e-mail regarding shipping and other essential details including tracking number will be sent to you immediately after despatch. You can track the consignment through the concerned logistics partner’s website.


Is my package insured ?

Elegant Arts & Frames will replace the item if in the unlikely event that it is lost or damaged during transit. Our customer care will assist to ensure that the product you ordered is sent to you free of cost after due diligence. Kindly feel free to contact our Customer Care at +91 487 233 4135 or by email at


How do I return my package ?

Returns can be processed by calling our customer care at +91 487 233 4135 and / or by email. Lost or damaged items will be replaced free of charge. Take a photograph of your damaged products and mail it to us at also include your order number, item code, shipping ID number. Once your product return mail is approved from our side, you do not have to mail a new order. We will process the replacement based on your photos or refund if the product is not in stock.


What are your customer care hours ?

Our customer care hours are from 9 am to 6 pm on all days except Sundays, National holidays and on days of important festivals in Kerala State.


Will my frame and mount look like the ones in the website ?

It is our endeavour to ensure that our products come with a high degree of image accuracy, however there may be subtle changes in the colour caused due to distortion in computer monitors. In some cases, the image representation may slightly vary.


How accurate are the item dimensions mentioned in your website ?

Elegant Art & Frames verifies the dimensions of all the products shown in our website but due to industry standards, sizes can vary up to 1.5 inches.


Are the original paintings artist signed and come with a certificate of authenticity ?

Paintings that are sourced directly from the artist are certified by the artist. Some paintings are sourced from a pool of artists or dealers, which do not carry an authenticity certificate. Under every image in our website, artist’s certification, where existing, is indicated.


What is hanging rails ?

Hanging rails are wall profiles which are especially suitable for hanging frames in the interior of homes by screws and fastening clips. The click rail can easily be mounted by means of perlon wires and picture hooks frames can be hung on any desirable place and can be switched easily.


What is V groove on a mat ?

A V groove is a thin white line or a design which is carved onto the topmat using a cmc machine. A V grooved mount adds a special class to the print or photo which is getting framed.


What is miter and bevel cutting ?

A miter is a cut (at an angle other than 90 degrees) along the length of width of the material, such as the kind you would make at the corners of a picture frame.

A bevel is a cut (at an angle other than 90 degrees) along the thickness of the picture frame, such as along the edge of a table to prevent sharp corners.


Do you offer volume or bulk printing and framing services ?

We provide high volume printing and framing services. Each and every bulk order receives a custom quote to provide maximum value to our customers. These orders can be placed by contacting our Sales Department at +91 487 233 4135 or by email at


What is goldfoil or silver foil print ?

Gold foil or silver foil printing is typically a commercial print process. It is the application of metallic foil, often gold or silver in colour, of various patterns or designs, transferred onto the print. This is done using a heated die, stamped onto the foil, making it adhere to the surface leaving a design of the die on the paper.


What is canvas paper ?

Canvas paper is a heavy weight paper with a coated textured surface that replicates the surface of canvas. This paper is used commonly by art companies to take premium art prints.


What is canvas ?

Canvas is extremely durable plain woven fabric popularly used by artists as a painting surface. Modern canvas are usually made of cotton or linen.


What is bespoke framing ?

“Bespoke” is an adjective for anything commissioned to a particular specification. Bespoke framing is about giving you more than the exact frame that enhances the art work. Bespoke describes our approach to your needs as a customer and our ability to give you our best professional expertise in picture framing.